There is something crazy in the land of the waves. And those smiles that are appearing on the water must be shared with you. If the water start does not make any problem to you then you can easily sign up for this course. We will teach you how to ride the waves and jump on the sandy and safe spots around the globe.

We are so enthusiastic about the waves that we already went "mental". Windsurfing and surfing give us so much freshness that our brain has already been washed. Literally washed;). This, of course, is not just the course for men, but also for women who are able to surprise themselves and show their magical strength.

Will the waves be waving this year inside of your soul? Then write us and sign up.

What can you reserve?

5 days of windsurfing course, video feedback, equipment rental, Bushmans international windsurfing certification, Acro Yoga class, sports massage, Memory package (photos and video), accommodation.

We are learning:


  • How to go fast
  • Control speed
  • Acceleration
  • Carrying equipment
  • Carve jibes
  • Jibe around marks
  • Duck jibe


  • how to get over a shore break
  • to overcome fear
  • how to choose the right wave
  • sail control
  • proper setup and preparation of the equipment
  • jump (take off)
  • high jump (for pleasure and self-confidence)
  • loop (jump with the rotation)
  • loop (landing)
  • controlling the sail
  • rules on the waves

Who is it for?

For the ones who want to do something new and daring on the water. If you are already very good in water starting and you want to spice up your windsurfing then this is a perfect course for you. Remember he who dares-wins! This course is for your sensation.


17. 5.-24. 5. 2018 (FUERTEVENTURA)

22. 7.-29. 7. 2018 (FUERTEVENTURA)

*Possible to reserve other dates.

Our locations

Canary islands
4.1. - 30.1.
15.2. - 28.2.
20.4. - 5.5.
20.6. - 15.8.
Cabo Verde
31.1. - 10.2.
2.6. - 18.6.
21.9. - 22.9.
28.9. - 29.9.
5.10. - 6.10.
12.10. - 13.10.
20.10. - 21.10.
26.10. - 3.11.
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